U.S. Based Sterling Study

confirms profound results of the Freiburg Study!

sterling study - clinically tested

Follow-up Sterling Study conducted in Cincinnati, Ohio, corroborates the health benefits of taking Melaleuca’s Peak Performance Pack. All findings support the conclusions first observed in the Freiburg Study.

In January 2015, Melaleuca announced the results of a groundbreaking clinical study on the Peak Performance Pack. The effects of a nutritional supplementation pack were tested on healthy individuals over the course of 12 weeks. In healthy participants, free radical activity declined, inflammation was reduced, and a whole host of additional health benefits were observed—from lower cholesterol and blood pressure to increased energy utilization and healthier blood sugar. This is the first time in history that a nutritional supplement has produced this type of result. While the results were profound, Melaleuca made it clear that the Freiburg Study was just the first study and that more clinical studies would follow.

Exactly two years later, Melaleuca has completed a follow-up study—this time at the Sterling Research Group in Cincinnati, Ohio, one of the premier sites in the US for conducting clinical trials—and the results clearly confirm the initial results of the Freiburg Study.

Demographic Comparison:
Study Location Cincinnati, USA Freiburg, Germany
Total Participants 55 48
Average Age 45.2 42.0
Female 64% 60%
Male 36% 40%

What was different about the Sterling Study?

While both the Freiburg Study and Sterling Study followed similar protocols, the populations of the two studies were drastically different. While both were comprised of healthy individuals with no known diseases, their starting variables were different. While all the participants in the Freiburg Study were Caucasian, approximately half of Sterling Study participants were of African American or Asian descent.

Sterling Study Methodology

Similar to Freiburg, measurements were taken before and after a specific prescribed amount of exercise. Subjects were asked to come to the laboratory having fasted for at least eight hours. The tests went on for a period of 12 weeks. Each subject was asked to not change anything about their lifestyle or diet during those 12 weeks, except to take the Peak Performance Nutrition Pack.

Sterling Study Results

No two scientific studies ever produce the exact same results. Using a drastically different population for the Sterling Study inevitably resulted is some variations from the initial Freiburg findings. This variance was expected and not at all surprising. However, it is noteable that the results of the Sterling Study are statistically similar to those seen in Freiburg. We have long asserted that the human body can do amazing things when it is given the proper daily nutrition. Both the Sterling Study and the Freiburg Study corroborate that principle.


Even with a change in population, the Sterling Study concluded that participants saw the same improvements to health as those who participated in the Freiburg Study. Whoever you are, wherever you live, and whatever your current state of well-being, the Peak Performance Pack can have a direct impact on your health, your physical performance, and even the length and quality of your life.*